What is NATURALE leather?

Natural leather is usually referred to as vegetable-tanned leather because the tanning agents come from natural raw materials
Naturale vacetta is untreated long-lasting and hard-wearing leather.
The naturale vachetta is a very natural type of leather, offering a smooth and silky touch.

It is light in color, most often beige, and develops beautiful hues over time due to the natural phenomenon of patination.
The process takes longer, lasting several weeks, but is much less stressful on the hide, resulting in a softer leather with lighter tones (off-white or beige), closer to the original color.
One of the characteristics sought by leather aficionados is the development of its patina over time.
Indeed, light colored and untreated leather evolves with normal wear and exposure to the natural elements and develops beautiful darker tones.



I am made from natural crust leather and
I am living my life as a cherished everyday bag
for my owners essentials and beyond.

She bikes or carries me around for work,
to concerts, out for dinner with friends,
yes basically everything. I even came with her to Paris,
Asolo in Italy and Copenhagen several times.

I have been out in the rain, the snow,
long days in radiant sun and got my fair share
of spilled wine, and yoghurt and other stuff from kids.

Good thing about it is that it all just gets my skin looking better.
My patina is my unique trade and that is why many women ask
my owner about me. ... and she is good at giving me a
full facial with cream to make my skin handle more and
look even more supple.

Misu Naturale, 4 years old. 


Misu naturale leather bag