Spring Summer 2024

Architecture and form together with nature’s aesthetics and texture, have consistently served as an enduring wellspring of inspiration for Cala Jade.

Cala Jade´s commitment to sustainability leads us away from fleeting seasonal trends. Instead, we embrace an organic and ever-evolving approach, much like the natural world itself. Rooted in the very essence of nature, our materials serve as an infinite source of creative inspiration.

Our aim is to inspire customers to invest in lasting pieces.This season’s palette is all about subtle earth tones in contrast to pigmentary reds and zesty citrus shades. These colors symbolize the natural beauty and tranquility that we aim to convey through our designs.

The deep earth tones evoke a sense of rooted connection to nature, while the reds and citrus shades add a touch of energy and a spark of enthusiasm. Some styles are enhanced with blue jeans denim, adding an extra layer of texture and character.

Cala Jade tattoo

This season a new style to the family mix is crafted and ready. Inspired by the seamless blend of beachside relaxation and urban exploration, the Sandhi tote embodies the spirit of carefree days under the sun and stylish city escapades. Enriched with our new supplementary logo, characterized by Agathe Berjaut’s graceful and authentic curves, the Sandhi tote is available in multiple versions and three sizes”

You might also have noticed the tattoos that we and our guests wore during Oslo Runway? They are sayings that is in the spirit of Cala Jade, and we keep making them and will ship the with every purchase.

Cala Jade spring summer 2025