Cala Jade High Summer 2024

Cala Jade high summer 2024
BENEATH the sun’s warm, golden glow, sun-soaked memories gently flow. In the embrace of carefree days, time stands still in joyful rays. Bonnie Blues and Cloud Grey’s soft embrace, Burnt Sienna, Mimosa’s grace, Sea Spray’s calm, a radiant one, under the sun, we dance and run. Sun-soaked memories meet the gentle breeze, moments whisper softly through your hair.

For the High Summer 2024 collection we are longing for brighter days and rays of sun. Our carefully designed leather bags are handmade and will fit your summer wardrobe with effortless ease. 

Cala Jade high summer 2024 campaign image
Cala Jade surf boards campaign image
Cala Jade high summer 2024 campaign image in Portugal