Sustainability is essential for Cala Jade - it is a continuous focus in the design and production process. Our collections are seeking to create timeless products of high quality that will stand the test of time. In every part of the production process, we take several actions to ensure a more sustainable supply chain. We always look for opportunities to further improve and demonstrate transparency.

Some examples of how we prioritize and work sustainably are the following:

• When our products do not meet quality expectations on rare occasions, we will repair rather than renew to extend the product's lifetime.

• All of our dust bags are made of recycled cotton.

• A significant part of the leather used in our collections is vegetable tanned. This means that there are no chromium or other harmful chemicals in the staining.

• We are highly rigorous when choosing partners. And exclusively choose tanneries with a strong focus and commitment to sustainability. Several of the tanneries have introduced water purification during production, which means that they can use 80% less water in the tanning and dyeing process than before. In addition, the water is cleaned before leaving the factory

• To reduce the use of leather, we use leftovers and reuse leather from earlier collections to the production of labels and hand tags.

• We reduce climate emissions during transportation by decreasing the number of deliveries to/from our factories. In addition, we always use carbon neutral shipping when using Bring.

• We are working towards getting all the packaging recycled.

• Our production partners and suppliers must sign a code of conduct consisting of ethical guidelines regarding, e.g., safe and hygienic working environment, responsible contracts, and protection from discrimination. Our expectations are stricter than the European standard.

Cala Jade Italy factory